Tummy Time Water Play Mat


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1, Give the baby some time for the tummy while they entertain themselves with our inflatable water activity mat. Pediatricians strongly recommend putting babies on their stomachs to play because it helps strengthen the muscles of their legs and arms to prepare them for crawling. Belly time toys are a fun way to help your baby meet his developmental milestones.

2, tummy tuck toy time ready in a short time. Simply inflate it, fill it with water, and your baby is ready for tactile and visual fun. The bright and colorful foam toys float in the water, stimulating the coordination of the baby’s eyes while encouraging them to rise up on their arms to catch the floating sea animals.

3, This two-sex baby toy will be highly appreciated by parents and not available in stores. Do not be the person who buys newly grown clothes before the baby can wear them. Give a gift that encourages the baby’s natural curiosity while helping to develop his fine motor skills.

4, Built from eco-friendly PVC, it provides you with a fun and hassle-free way to entertain your baby or girl. This water activity mat toy is approved for kids ages 3 months and up.

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